Britt and TonyaPrime-Time Health (PTH)  is a scientifically proven plan for feeling young and living longer. Dr. Sears’ PTH is an eWorkshop for Adults and Seniors who want to take charge of their health, avoid disease and spend money on something other than doctors as they uncover the secrets of aging well!

People spend a lifetime investing in their IRA (Individual Retirement Account) yet when they retire, they realize they didn’t invest enough in their IRAH (Individual Retirement Account for Health) and aren’t healthy enough to really enjoy their retirement.

The lessons in Prime Time helps adults and seniors:
  • Understand how the body changes during the second half of life
  • Avoid disease and unhealthy aging
  • Boost energy, stress less, sleep better and sharpen thinking
  • Reduce the risk of Cancer and the “highs” (blood pressure, cholesterol)
  • Become fit, strong and flexible
  • Understand how attitude effects your health
This class includes lessons that teach how to:
  • Open your Internal Pharmacy
  • Make Health your Hobby
  • Move Waste from your Waist
  • Live Without Pain and Inflammation

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Notice the start dates of the current classes below. The nine session PTH course is set to be completed in 5 weeks although you will still have access to the material for a few weeks after the course is finished.

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Prime-Time : Monday
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Prime-Time : Request
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