Benefits of Online Learning

  • Online courses are convenient. Learners can access their classroom anywhere they have access to the internet.
  • Online learning provides a flexible schedule so participants can chose times (24/7) that are conducive to learning as they manage personal and family schedules.
  • Online courses are less expensive because the participant does not need to spend money on transportation or childcare in order to participate.
  • Self-paced learning is beneficial for learners who prefer viewing lectures more than once.
  • Online learning accommodates different learning styles.
  • Online learning allows the learned to formulate answers before responding to questions.
  • Students interact virtually with other classmates
  • Students receive feedback and support from their health coach.

Our health lessons are supported by interactive eLearning sessions, videos, discussion boards, forum interaction with others enrolled in your class, and e-mail support. The eWorkshops are conveniently available via your desktop, laptop or iPad.

Each of the weekly sessions includes:
  • Recorded narration & health videos
  • Snack ideas and suggested activities
  • A Check For Understanding quiz
  • PDF downloads to support¬† the health topic being studies
  • Videos which can be paused and resumed at a later time

Click any of the eWorkshop links given below to learn more or register for the class.

Our current on-line health eWorkshops include,